Friday, 2 December 2011

Top Health Tips for the 2012 New Year

he New Year is a time when many take a fresh look at their lives (an inventory of past action and inaction) and choose areas where they wish to make a change – presumably for the better. Starting with a review of your personal health regimen is always a great 
way to begin. 

People are much more savvy these days when it comes to the importance of diet and exercise to one’s health, but there’s still much misinformation out there. To help ensure you are not overlooking something major, here’s a list of some of the oftoverlooked areas of health concern for us all:

1. Detox – throwing out the good with the bad?
• With the growing popularity of “detoxing” (e.g. colon cleanse, colonics, fasting, etc…) many often 
overlook the fact that while your body may be purging itself of negative “junk” that’s been built up over the years, you are also ridding your body of potentially needed nutrients and probiotics. It’s 
important to follow your detox with an appropriate course of nutritionally stable probiotics.
2. Diet Fads Need to Fade…
• It’s no secret that a healthy diet and exercise burns calories…and burning calories reduces weight. So 
why all of the fad dieting? Drastic diets can harm your body and digestive tract by depleting your 
body of essential nutrients. A healthy digestive system increases energy and improves your
metabolism. So skip the fad diets in 2012...
3. Don’t forget your vitamins…
• Certain probiotics (L. acidophilus DDS-1) have been shown to produce B vitamins naturally, which 
support and increase the rate of metabolism, help maintain healthy skin and muscle tone, and 
enhance nervous system function. Vitamin B9, or Folic Acid, is essential for children, adults, and 
especially expectant mothers.
(more…)4. Strep throat or other bacterial infection in 2011?
• Remember, if you took a course of antibiotics in 2011, it’s extremely important to replenish your 
body’s balance by reintroducing probiotics in to your gut/system. This will help bolster your immune 
system and help ensure a healthier 2012.
5. You’re only as confident as you feel…
• Regardless of how much exercise you’ve invested to look your best, it’s always hard to feel your best 
when you’re not conditioning your inside as well! Digestive roadblocks can cause unwanted side 
effects like feeling constipated or bloated if you’re not eating enough of the right foods to produce 
healthy bacteria. Supplementing with probiotics can aid any exercise routine helping you to feel just 
as strong as you look.
6. Slow and steady wins the race
• Losing weight to be healthier is a commendable goal, but for some, the task can be intimidating.
Resorting to extreme diets is not only unhealthy but sometimes life threatening, so losing at a pace 
your body can ‘understand’ will only benefit you in the long run. Keep in mind that for every two 
pounds of excess weight lost, you also drop your cholesterol an average of three points, so shedding 
a few points can have a significant impact on your health. By setting realistic goals that are 
manageable and regulating your food intake with probiotic supplements that can help break down 
food for a healthy digestive system, you’ll be well on your way to a successful 2012.
7. Where's the love?
• Caring for your health is not only a smart move for your body, but also for your well-being! By eating 
right, staying active, and taking your probiotics regularly, you're giving your body the care and 
attention it deserves, plus a little extra love!
8. I don’t know what you’ve been told… 
• Probiotics should be cold! If you’re following a regimented plan of fitness action, make sure the 
‘tools’ you use like probiotics aren’t abused. Keep them cool and dry so they will be alive when they 
get into your body. For best results and for long-term storage, most probiotics need to be kept 
9. Quality Over Quantity! 
• Losing weight can sometimes be a daunting task! We all want to look and feel our best, and we want 
it right now! This makes it easy to forget how harmful fad dieting can really be, especially on your 
digestive system - a vital component to weight loss. By keeping a well-balanced and realistic diet, as 
well as adding probiotic supplements to your health regimen, the frustrations of weight loss will 
slowly but surely disappear for good - along with the pounds! /

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