Thursday, 22 December 2011

If there is a God, why does there exist such Evil in the World?

If there is a God, why does there exist such Evil in the World?

Many ask ‘If there is a God, why does there exist such evil in the world?’ Many believe this is a rhetorical question and there exists no real answer, however, this question can certainly be answered. Before we proceed, however, we must first correct the question; ‘... why does there exist such evil in THE world?’ The question assumes there exists no other world but this one. The question should properly be phrased ‘... why does there exist such evil in this world?’ Understanding the significance of this alteration is a prerequisite to understanding the answer.
Earth is but one 3rd dimensional civilization. Here in 3D, we experience what is known as duality. For everything that exists here there exists a dual point, or opposite. Good and evil, happy and sad, rich and poor, life and death etc. The reason why we journey here is to gain perspective, for how would a soul learn what is good if there exists no evil?

Through our experience here we have the opportunity to grow and mature as a soul through our sometimes difficult lives, raising our personal vibrational frequency adequately for ascension into a higher state of existence. This is known as ascension, but could be more easily understood as graduation. After ascension you would no longer exist within the construct of duality, and therefore you will no longer experience evil, only good. You will no longer experience need, only abundance and you will no longer experience death, only life.
The National Geographic Channel feels the need, (and feeds an agenda) to constantly program you to believe you exist in a dog-eat-dog world and that this is the natural order and therefore must be and always will be. Refuse this attempt to program your mind. A dog-eat-dog existence is not the natural order. The natural order is abundance, not scarcity. Only a dualistic civilization modeled on scarcity breeds animals that need to ‘feed’ on each other to survive. This includes humans as well. After ascension you will experience a dimension where all animals play together in gentle peace. This includes humans as well.  
All the seemingly terrible events we experience here in 3d are designed to happen for our learning and greater good, or at least can be utilized for our greater good. These events are wake up calls for all of us in the hope that we will see that it is not here in a 3D world that we wish to exist. Without these events we would be lulled into apathetic content and not search for that better realm. Natural disasters, wars, a crumbling economy, and even the loss of loved ones need to be recognized as a wake up call that there must be something better somewhere, that God, the universe, and the Spiritual Hierarchy must have designed something better for their children to experience. And they have. Assimilate all you have learned here, release all the negative emotions associated with your learning experience, and choose better for yourself. This is your divine inheritance.

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