Tuesday, 20 December 2011


My Dear Friends in Christ across the World:

Greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus
Christ who created all of us and the entire universe
with the WORD of His power in accordance with the BLUE
PRINT of His plan and purpose.God loves all of you and
me and started loving us from even before the world
began;the Bible says so!God wants all of us to have
the very best in life,but due to our FIRST
PARENTS'disobedience and Sin the CURSE from God fell
on the whole human race and we know that fact from
God's word called the HOLY BIBLE (Read Gen.Ch.3)and we
are suffering in various ways whether Christians or
not and this suffering will continue until we who are
TRUE Christians reach heaven and until God creates the
NEW heavens and the New Earth (Read Isaiah 66:22,65:17
and Rev.21:1 and 5 and numerous other passages in the
Bible).But He also provided a means by which the
GENERATIONAL CURSE can be erased atleast spiritually
and to a certain extent physically too and given the
promise in Genesis same chapter (3:15),the promise of
the "SEED of the WOMAN", unique in human History (the
first prophecy in the Bible),the Lamb which was slain
from the foundation of the earth,the PERFECT sacrifice
of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of CALVARY.We
who are Christians know that....Without going
theologically further as I explained in all my
articles that 'EVERY INDIVIDUAL HAS TO COME to that
CROSS and COMPLETELY SURRENDER his/or her life in
GENUINE sorrow and REPENTENCE and turn over the life
to Jesus CHRIST as the SAVIOR and the LORD'(Lord of
your mind, will, spirit, body,emotions,
finances,health, thought process and every conduct in
life)and RECEIVE HIM into the HEARTS and in doing so
the TRINITY gets in to the heart in the 'Person of the
HOLY SPIRIT'and instantly your name is written in the
'LAMB's BOOK of life' and the body becomes the'TEMPLE
(tabernacle)of God for eternity........No body can
erase your name from that book.....Your generational
CURSE is removed completely in the spiritual sense
while you and I suffer some of the consequences as
long as we live in this EARTHLY TABERNACLE (the
body),but as we obey His principles through the
indwelling Holy Spirit by applying God's principles in
the Bible (we have to take the whole bible in to view
in order to practice /or do what is said in the Bible
by listening from a Bible teaching Pastor,by having
Sunday School lessons for all ages,having fellowship
with MATURED christian believers and regular
attendence in a Bible based church).....LITURGICAL/or
Tradtional practices by GOING through the MOTIONS in a
prayer book will not do any good at all to your daily
walk with God.....We have to look to the Old Testament
practices THROUGH the Finished work of Christ and the
NEW TESTAMENT.......Because He paid it all.....Read
the Book of Hebrews).........By practicing Christ's
principles moment by moment in a daily basis,
progressively we will get the heavenly blessings (we
are the KINGDOM PEOPLE on earth right now)and the
generational Curse in a physical sense is
progressively removed from us and we can enjoy full
fellowship with the Lord.......I am writing to Born
again believers (the True Christians from all
groups)now....At the end I will write to Unbelievers
(the Professing /or Ch----UR----Chians or

Dear friends:The HUMAN HEART is the subject
tody.....May the SPIRIT of God speak to you all
through this simple article in a convicting
way.....Dear Friends:The moment we are BORN again
through our FAITH and His GRACE and the application of
the BLOOD of JESUS we become infants in God's
kingdom......Not grown up or MATURED.....Just like a
physical child is born to parents!!!......Now compare
it.....As the physical child needs years of nurturing
to GROW to become a full healthy, vibrant ADULT it
takes life long Dedication, Devotion, Faithfulness,
Obedience,Study of the word of God,Total commitment
to the Lord,fellowship,meditation, prayer,Confession of
even the SMALLEST SIN like white Lies, Violating
traffic rules etc;and depending completely on the HOLY
SPIRIT (this is not speaking in other languages/or
Tongues which is one of the spiritual gifts out of 23
given in the Bible.....Rom.12:6-8,1st
Cor.12:1-11,Ephesians 4:7-13,1st Pet. 4:10-11:God can
use any gift especially in these LAST DAYS (Read the
Book of Joel),because He is not limited.....ok.) and
occasional FASTING and PRAYING :....We all need not
to go to Bible colleges to study His word.....When we
study the Bible through a Good Bible teaching Pastor
we will know how to apply each principle being taught
in our struggles and problems....As we OBEY Him
through HIS SPIRIT's prompting we will be able to
RESIST the DEVIL and His attempts to defeat us and
gain VICTORY..We have to use Jesus's method to have
VICTORY over Satan....Using the WORD of God as the
'SWORD of the SPIRIT"(Ref.when Jesus was tempted by
Satan in the wilderness)..and the FULL ARMOUR of God
(Read and study and apply Eph.6:10-20.....There are
defensive weapons and offesive weapons in it and these
are many sermons and I do not wish to expand it
today).....The Churches using liturgical practices and
some Evangelical Churches also do not teach such
principle.....and they are loosing their grip on the
'BLUE PRINT of GOD for man......It started from Dark
ages (4th century to 16th Century and in middle
ages)and even in protestant Christianity that trend is
going on and the Leaders in those churches are leading
the worshippers in a DOWNWARD Spiral and as I wrote
before atleast 70% of the so called Christiandom is
going to be perished in the 7 year TRIBULATION under
the Anti-Christ's rule UNLESS they change the Doctrine
to BIBLICAL WAY.....The Bible is very clear about
it!!!....The APOSTATE/ or the SO CALLED/or the
Namesake Christianity will perish according to the
Word of God.....I want to rescue every one in the
Christian Churches all across the World from the
Darkness hovering over us as a Big Cloud and that is
the Reason why I am writing these articles.....Watch
the World Situation now....the Nuclear crisis...the
terrorism etc;The World is preparing for the FINAL
COUNT DOWN.......So,let us have spiritual RENEWAL in
every denomination!!! (Rom.Ch.12 plus all Epistles for
practical Victorious Christian life)

The HUMAN HEART is the Problem even among
Christians....I checked up the Bible Concordance (an
alphabetical INDEX of the principal words in the Bible
like a big Dictionary)and found that more references
given to the word 'HEART" than the words "GOD" and
"GLORY"in the Bible.I cannot quote all those
references here in this message because they are very
large in numbers.....

Believers, my friends:Before we were SAVED we had only
TWO natures...1.the human nature 2.the sinful
nature....But the moment we are SAVED the Lord ADDED a
NEW nature in us ...The DIVINE NATURE/or the HOLY
SPIRIT of God.....Our Old nature has been put in a
CAGE like a wild animal and that animal at times will
try to get out unless we immediately sense it and  put
it under the Lordship of the Holy Spirit (christ)and
as we study the scriptures we find that every human
being has atleast 2-3 weaknesses and some people have
many weaknesses and the Enemy of God (Satan)will in
opportune time use your MAIN WEAKNESSES to defeat
you and go and ACCUSE you before the Lord (his name is
accuser of brotheren)and it is our duty to IDENTIFY
our weaknesses and completely SURRENDER those areas
to the Lord and HE will give us the VICTORY....Again he
will try......

Some people may avoid certain
Sins/weaknesses after the Salvation (may call them as
VENIAL SIN).....but reserve the other areas of Sins/or
weaknesses and continue the Christian life without any
ABSOLUTES in life and get DEFEATED and become
MISERABLE in Christian life.....(Dear friends: I know
Satanology/angelology/Demonology well)..Weaknesses/
or Sins: I am going to list some of them.The major
things you all know like murder, immorality, cruelty
etc;.....The list goes in the thousands, but I will
list only few according the word of
God:Bitterness,Gossip, Unforgiveness,Guilt by not
having Eye Contact even after the so called half
forgiveness,Hot temper, Ganging up against the
father by mothers,Isolationg one member of the family
by all others,Cruelty by M-in- laws and
D-in-laws,False accusations,Destructive
jealous,Stabbing from behind,Stealing Company's time
and using company telephone for private uses,Calling
Sick when not being sick, Stealing Hospital supplies
like bandages, syringes, soaps, and patients's
supplies (called pilferages),Cheating on Taxes,Telling
lies (white lies too),Evil fantazies,watching dirty
films or Po...graphic pictures,cheating on husbands or
wives, Flirting with other men and women,Violating
Govt.rules like traffic rules,Giving headaches to
Godly Pastors, Pastors giving problems in the Church
and stealing money,Pastors not teaching the word of
God,Hating others being of color or ethnic
background,Gluttony,Not taking care of the Physical
body being the "TEMPLE GOD",Not giving to God's work,
Nagging and complaining and fighting with
husbands,Disturb every trusty meeting or Council
meeting with selfish/ or vested interest,using
Devilish mediums like Astrology,Palm reading,fortune
telling,even going with the Devil to the extent of
Woodoos and witchcraft,Using the Red DOT on the
forehead by Christian women (this represents the 3rd
eye of Fertility God 'SHIVA' among Hindus), Looking
for Astrological and AUSPICIOUS TIME for marriages and
good omen,Not helping a person in need (especially a
Christian),putting a mask in front of every one or
acting as 'Double personality,No integrity in work
ethics,Never reach work in time,Always
complaining,Never read the word of God saying NO TIME,
Always some excuses and Never Honest......I can go on
like this....Dear friends, if you as a Christian right
now search your heart and REPENT and CONFESS every
Sin before God.....Otherwise the word of God says that
sin you and I commit will be on the SCREEN and we are
going to stand before that CONSUMING FIRE, Jesus
Christ as your HEAVENLY HUSBAND who expected you ,
you and I to live in FULL OBEDIENCE....trying our best....
God will forgive our sins, but we must ask for
it.....(read 1st John....written for true
Christians).....Accidentally you sin sometimes even
though you try your best, But Immediately you can ask
the Lord for forgiveness for the fellowship to go
SMOOTHLY btwn. you and your Heavenly bridegrrom.When
you accpted the Lord in the first place He gave you a
"BLANKET PARDON".....But now as you are growing in the
Lord through out your life you cannot pray like this
"Lord! if I have done anything wrong/or sinful,
pls.forgive me"....No my firiends...He already knows
what you have done....The Holy Spirit is in you,over
you and around you and the Lord is in heaven fully
CONNECTED....The H.Spirit is GRIEVING in your heart
about your Committed Sin...may be a lie....He knows it
fully.....Just agree with Him and ask
forgiveness....This is Confession....Ok...For every
occassion and every sin you confess..... before you
accumulate and get His DISCIPLINE/or punishment...and
thus growing.....un to Perfection day by
day......Ok...Do not play game with God....My Biblical
teaching may not be politically popular in some of
your churches,but as I have learned and still learning
I am passing them over to you to present you before
the Lord as a "Chaste VIRGIN".......So, your record in
heaven will be clear and be REWARDED with Crowns
and Heavenly responsibities!!!If you are not taught such
principles in your Churches (practical Christian
living)go after your CLERGY and the Bishops and tell
them 'We do not need any more LITURGIS or written
prayers of some body or any other Short cuts, because
we have the WHOLE REVELATION of GOD  in the
Bible...which was progressively REVEALED to God's Holy
men and DIVINELY INSPIRED and gave us the BLUE PRINT
to mankind (we Christians and the Jews)in written
form, called the 'HOLY BIBLE.(2nd Tim.3:16)......

Dear friends:God knows every thought process of
ours,every intent,every secret and the physical heart
supplies BLOOD to our brain and the brain is the
COMMAND and CONTROL CENTER of our mind,soul/spirit
and the Body.The Bible and the science say so....If the
brain has to function in a balanced way we have to
have enough Blood supply through nutritious way of
eating and exercise....All kinds of leafy fresh
vegetables,Fruits and purified water and exercise
will give us a healthy brain Chemistry with enough
blood and it will function well.I am not going to get
in to science now.....But I have to state that UNLESS
we have healthy Spiritual food from the Pulpits we
cannot function in a BLANCED way to please God in
His Kingdom....So, seek for spiritual food, rather than
junk foods from the pulpits!.

Now for Unbelievers/may be a Church attendee:

Dear Friends:God loves you too.You also can become a
child of God right now if you are willing:You may be a
very good person in the sight of men,you may be
Clergy/Bishop,you may be a Trustee or a deacon or an
agnostic or Atheist or no religion and your HEART is
empty and not sure about what is your DESTINY and
still searching:....You can find HOPE and Eternal life
through Christ and go to heaven when you die or
through the RAPTURE of the Church.....So, I ask you in
the name of Jesus to SURRENDER your life with GENUINE
sorrow and REPENTENCE and CONFESSION to Jesus who
shed BLOOD for you and who took your place on the CROSS
of Calvary and now being seated at the right hand of the
Father and promised to come again to Judge the World
after REMOVING the true Church(Rapture) from the earth
to a safe place during the 7 year tribulation......If
you prayed that Sinner's prayer SINCERELY you are
SAVED and your name is written in the Lamb's book of
life in heaven............... !! And this point onwards start
attending a BIBLE BASED Church and start reading the
Bible beginning with the gospel of John and DO what is
commanded by God in the Bible....You may fall some
times, but HE will lift you up as you grow in the

Hope to see all of you in heaven.God

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