Saturday, 3 December 2011

Calendar Story Gets Purrfect Coverage

Daily Mail online readers may have had a bit of a shock this morning to find an article about a Christmas calendar featuring what looks like lifesize felines playing a selection of musical instruments.
They need not have worried about an Animal Farm type scenario however as the West Sussex company behind the calendar – Maverick Arts – cleverly used cats to pose for pictures and then manipulated them to give the illusion they are playing instruments.
The company, which specialises in publishing humorous calendars, greetings cards and children’s books, has also produced a calendar entitled ‘Ballroom Bunnies,’ which features two rabbits performing and impressive range of dance styles.
The firm bagged a substantial piece of coverage for its Christmas calendar by using cute pictures of feline friends jamming on electric guitars, pumping out tunes on brass instruments including a trombone and a tuba, and one cat can even be seen playing a clarinet while his furry friend holds the sheet of music!
The article offers light reading to those, who like myself, are sick of the constant doom and gloom and phrases like ‘double dip recession.’ The piece features entertaining pictures that will bring a smile to even the hardest of hearts.
I for one have never heard of Maverick Arts however I’m now quite intrigued about the company and its publications. It’s a unique and fun story that will make good conversation at home or in the office, so mission accomplished for the person behind this story.
Everyone knows that people adore their pets, treating them as a member of the family, so readers will definitely feel sentimental when they see this piece, especially the image of a forlorn looking cat who appears lost in the music as it plays a piece on the accordion – so cute!
And those worried about cruelty or long working hours for the cats can rest easy as Steve Bicknell from Maverick Arts told the Sunday Express: “We are very experienced shooting with cats and make sure they are not overworked.”
However in true Daily Mail fashion the comments have been coming in thick and fast describing the feature as ‘amateurish’.
Seriously, I was just glad to read about something other than Miranda Kerr’s amazing ‘post baby figure’ and the latest saga in the life of the Kardashian tribe…

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