Saturday, 7 January 2012

Reported in the U.S. fake plastic surgeon who injected cement in patients

Several people, including transsexuals, denounced a fake doctor in Miami who had cosmetic surgery, applying glue to cement and buttocks, lips and cheeks, said Tuesday that the county police in Miami Gardens, Florida, southeastern United States."Several victims (the self-styled doctor) Ron Morris Oneal, many transsexuals, keep calling, but for now are two confirmed cases," he told AFP William Bamford, spokesman del Police Department Miami Gardens.Bamford said the alleged doctor - a transsexual - and his assistant, Corey Alexander Eubank, are free on bail of more than $ 5,000 after being arrested last week.Oneal Ron Morris practiced covert operations in hotel rooms and houses in South Florida in patients who wanted to increase the buttocks, cheeks and lips. To do this, inject industrial materials such as cement, glue and cocktails of toxic substances, which endangered the lives of several of the victims.Morris himself, who according to local press was in the process of sex change, tried to improve the look with these products that deformed his hips and glutes, as shown photo released by police after his arrest.Miami Gardens police arrested Morris and continue investigating this case from the complaint of a woman who was hospitalized last year with pneumonia and a bacterial infection after the fake plastic surgeon injected a sealer car tires in the buttocks.For now Oneal Ron Morris, 30, is accused of illegal practice of medicine and aggravated assault.Rajee Narinesingh was a transgender victims of Morris: a cosmetic procedure with which you want to plump lips, fill up the cheeks and the chin is now costing a reconstruction work with another plastic surgeon."I had to stop doing surgery," said the Narinesingh CBS4 local channel late on Monday, when reports that have not yet filed a complaint to the police, but said it will do so soon."We're still investigating, trying to confirm that the cases that are coming to us are related to this alleged doctor," said the spokesman of the police.

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