Monday, 19 March 2012

What is the Christian view on premarital sex?

Premarital sex is not one of the things that are recommended by the Bible. It's called fornication and when you start talking about premarital sex then there's a whole range of sexual behaviors that could be involved. This range of sexual behaviors outside of marriage are all forbidden for a Christian because there are psychological consequences - just like when a person has an abortion. I've had opportunities to counsel people that have had abortions and sometimes 10-15 years later they still have regret and guilt. Same thing with having sex without having a legitimate relationship - it impacts the behavior and the psyche of those who are involved whether they are men or women. Some would say, "What about the folks in the Old Testament, for instance Solomon said he had 300 wives and 700 concubines. What about that kind of a relationship?" Well, I believe that in certain times God let certain things happen. They happened because there had not been any rules necessarily established against them. When Jesus came he changed some of the ways that humanity related to early humanity. It does not mean for us to have a whole bunch of relations and I believe it has led to more and more sexually transmitted diseases. Some would say that AIDS has come as a result of premarital sex to deal with homosexuality and other kinds of sex that are not oriented toward human beings at all. So, premarital sex is not one of the things that the Bible teaches that Christians should be involved with. 

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