Sunday, 11 March 2012

The challenge of balance

Sounds crazy, but every day the balance becomes a very big challenge. Poor peoplewith low self esteem and are seeking to mitigate these feelings produced by post-modernism in the evangelical cults where excess is the tonic, excessive mysticism, excessive rationalism, religious excess, too much "power", and finally the excess issought as a solution to this human being confused, lonely, anxious.
The preachers are realizing this shortcoming seeking to respond to it by offeringexactly what people are searching for, and it will not solve this emptiness becauseemptiness is the size of God.
The things of God are being offered as if it were the very things of God, people seeking the effect not the cause, seeking blessings and not the balanced compromisethe owner's blessing.
The balance is the answer of Christianity committed to the scriptures for humanslacking, empty and in need of God, the balance will produce dependence in humans is not the things of God but in God who is Lord of all and everything.
Oh preachers, it's hard to live with balance, where people are servants of God, worship God, love God, and the men as well, are only instruments of God.
Oh preachers, who live with evangelical consumerism blindly seeking a discharge ofstrong emotions in the name of God, sterile emotions that do not produce a change in character, do not generate healing of temperaments corrupted by sin, but only fuels this insane pursuit of the mystical to any price.

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