Thursday, 8 March 2012

If Jesus were Pentecostal

If Jesus were Pentecostal, not conquer Satan by the word, but would have reprimanded him, the bound, kneeling warrant, said he is defeated, made during a session unload 7 Tuesdays, then yes he would. (Mt 4:1-11)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, would not have done just the "Sermon on the Mount," but Congress would have made Galileo the Great Revival Fire in the Mount, whose entry would be only 250 drachmas divided in four installments without interest. (Mt 5:1-11)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, I never would have said, if someone knocks on one of our face, to give the other, He would certainly have ordered we asked consuming fire from heaven upon those who had beaten because "woe to touch the anointed of the Lord" (MT 5 :38-42)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, would not have healed the centurion's servant at Capernaum distance, but would have you take such a servant in one of its meetings of miracles and give him a washcloth anointed to put on his servant for 7 weeks, then yes, he would be healed. (Mt 8: 5-13)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, would have multiplied the loaves and fishes and distributed for free to the people, no way! Actually the bread or fish would be "acquired" through a small supply of at least 50 drachmas and who just ate the miraculous bread and fish would be healed of their infirmities. (John 6:1-15)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, he even would have driven the money changers and those selling doves in the temple, but is consistent with the trade, this time under his management. (Mt 21:12-13)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, when the Pharisees asked for a sign surely he immediately raise his hands and his hands would leave many rainbow, fire and a blaze of glory would form around him as angels that float hummed: "border fire manwar, it came down to earth, he came to fight. " And repeat this performance when required. (Matthew 16:1-12)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, would never have had to load our cross, we lose our lives to win it, but have said that we were born to win and that we are part of the generation of conquerors, and that all are predestined for success. And at the end screaming: receeeeeeebaaaaaa! (Luke 9:23)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, would not have cured the woman bent over immediately, but would be invited to the Healing School to learn the 7 ... you see, the seven steps to receive divine healing. (LK 13:10-17)
If Jesus were Pentecostal in any way would have entered Jerusalem on a donkey, but would have entered a royal carriage all crafted in precious stones, with Pontius Pilate, Herod, Mary Magdalene and the singer singing hymns of victory "releasing" the blessing over Jerusalem. And the people did not receive declaring Hosanna! But march behind the carriage while the apostles contrarian how many millions of people were in the first march for Jesus. (Mt 21:1-15)
If Jesus were Pentecostal cured the leper (Mark 1:40-45), this would not be healed immediately, but during the week while he kept believing. For if we stop believing ..aiaiaiaia
If Jesus were Pentecostal, would not have expelled the demon Gerasene so easily, he would have held a seminar for spiritual warfare, from there to start the process of liberation of the young. (Mark 5:1-20)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, the text looks like this: "Easier for a camel through the eye of a needle than for a poor man to enter the reio of heaven" (Mt 19:22-24)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, would not have turned water into wine, but Dolly Guarana.(John 2:1-12)
If Jesus was Pentecostal, but where he would lean his head and would live in the neighborhood where the palaces were located most chic and had a castle summer in Egypt. (Matthew 8:20)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, Zacchaeus would not have returned what they stole, but would have donated to his ministry. (Luke 19:1-10)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, not preach in the synagogues, but the newly founded Church of Christ, and Judas to betray him not to kill, but would open the Renewed Church of Christ.
If Jesus were Pentecostal, would not say that the world we would have tribulation: but we would say that success, honor, victory, success, wealth, success, prosperity and honor .... (Jn 16:33)
If Jesus were Pentecostal, he was a friend of Pontius Pilate, Herod and support only speak what the Pharisees wanted to hear.
Surely, if Jesus were Pentecostal, would not suffer much and would die for me or for you ... He'd be worried about other things. Glad it was not.

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