Thursday, 8 March 2012

His devil is Too Big 

This is a reality in the "church" today. The devil is very large, we are fascinated by him, the devil is very large, if we think we have to keep an appointment with him, the devil is too big if we are victims of a curse placed upon us. The devil is too big to live in fear that our future is in your hands ...
Sin turns the law of unintended consequences. This is true for us as for all God's creatures.
Why Satan was doomed to failure? He was limited to achieve what he wanted.
What hoped to achieve when Lucifer rebelled against God? He wanted to be like the Most High. But it would be possible really?
When theologians talk about God, they use three words that begin with the prefix "omni" - which simply means "all." God is omnipresent, it is present everywhere, He is Omnipotent because it is the Almighty, He is omniscient, it has all knowledge.These attributes are the very essence of God's nature.
How many of these attributes Lucifer would receive if he could be "like God"? The answer is simple and clear: None.
He would never be omniscient, ie, could never know everything. He knew a man who planned to assassinate the U.S. president, when he got to Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. He did not, however, if this really happened. The killer could change his mind, the gun could fail, or perhaps the driver of the car at the last moment, decided to do a different itinerary. God knows exactly what will happen, but Satan is only able to make an accurate prediction. Although I know the plans, he does not know what the end result. It can influence the human decisions, but never drove them. (The man is a slave to sin in his heart) - His predictions smallest always involve a great risk of never materialize.
This explains why, in the Old Testament, to recognize a false prophet was sometimes done by the error of their predictions. Despite hitting a few times, only God can predict the future so infallible. Therefore, a true prophet of God ever hit 100% of the time.
What about the ubiquity? Lucifer would be able to fill the whole universe with your presence? It could be everywhere at once? No, he never could. You can travel fast, but when you are in India, can not be in Brasilia. When you lock a battle in Rio de Janeiro, there may be a prayer meeting in Korea. Therefore, never be omnipresent.
It is true that multitudes of demons are scattered throughout the world, performing the works of the devil, but each of these fallen angels can not be in two places at once.
What about the omnipotence? Lucifer would never be all-powerful. He has no power to create or molecule, much less stars ... Nor can sustain the universe by "word of his power." When looking for the ability to mimic God's creative, he always calls for fraud and forgery. No, he will never be omnipotent.
In what sense then it could be "like the Most High"? Only this: he thought he would become INDEPENDENT. He knew that his achievements would always be only a shadow of what God can do. The joy, however, to know that he would act without the approval of God, made the risk worthwhile. Then he could give orders rather than receive them. At least that was his plan.
The IRONY is that the vaunted independence of Satan, in fact, would become another form of addiction to the will and purposes of God. It really would depend on the orientation of the Almighty in the decisions to take, but each of his acts of rebellion would be under careful control and direction of God.
He certainly could challenge the Creator, but all its activities would always be restricted to what God allows. Their independence only with great difficulty could be worthy of the name. He rebelled to no longer be a servant of God, and yet could never get or independence.
If Milton thought he was right in saying that Lucifer chose to be king in hell than a servant in heaven, he (Lucifer) was completely wrong. Lucifer discovered to his chagrin, that in the end remain eternally SERVANT OF GOD. And as the Bible clearly teaches, NO KINGS IN HELL!

He who hated the idea of ??serving, would become another kind of servant. Instead of voluntary service, reluctant to embrace an easement, a service with a different motivation toward a different ending, but anyway, ALWAYS A SERVANT. Finally she did when both were in harmony.
Satan was condemned to a life empty, endless, restless, and miserable. He would always be compelled to mock God and try to act against Him Yet in the end, would be compelled to promote the purposes of God. Instead of rejoicing in the presence of God, have eternal humiliation in the place of God's love, receive the wrath and eternal judgment.
Pride caused Lucifer lost all its privileges. He took a great risk, to think that if he could not dethrone God, at least be able to establish his own throne, somewhere in the universe.
He underestimated and overestimated God himself
HE WAS LIMITED in what it could PREVERLúcifer knew that there would be some consequences due to their decision, but had no idea how they would be.Remember, until that moment there was any kind of rebellion in the universe. He could not learn from the mistakes of others, and once crossed the line, it was too late to back down from his great purpose. More importantly, he could not foresee the advent of Christ to redeem man, nor could contemplate his own eternal damnation in Hell.
He did not know that only a third of the angels choose to join their rebel cause (Rev. 12.4 says that the tail of the dragon "drew the third part of the stars of heaven"). If he thought that all those under his authority would be by his side in their bid for independence, had to swallow this disappointment.
Think about it. For every angel who respected him, two remained faithful to God!Perhaps Satan was surprised to see how the sky worked well without supervision and authority. No matter how confidently can he exercised his purchase, because their success was only partial.
During a certain time, he could only brood over his mistake. He could only wait for God to give the next step.
HE WAS IN CONTROL OF LIMITED DANOSApesar we have not explicitly stated, there is little doubt in my mind that Lucifer deeply regretted his decision, at the time it was taken. He had crossed a portal unknown, hoping that would open to a bright future, however, did not know there was an abyss on the other side.
So, having experienced firsthand the sin, he knew he had lost the biggest gamble of his career. He made the "wheel of fortune" spin and did not realize that God was in control of each of their rotations. Wherever she stopped, he would always be the Loser - a loser for ALL ETERNITY.
He quickly learned that it is rewarding to establish a rival kingdom, only to discover that inevitably fail. On the more pleasant it is independence, not much help if you are regardless DEFEATED irrespective and regardless TORMENTED ASHAMED.
If he knew it! He took the wrong train, but once corrupted, would go on until the end.Repentance was impossible for several reasons:
FIRST, Satan was and remains unable to repent; REPENTANCE IS A GIFT OF GOD, given to the people in whose hearts the Almighty already operates.
For Satan, repent mean that there is something good in it, but no reason can be found in it. Then he became totally bad, irredeemably evil. And God decided to abandon it, for your well-deserved end.
As we have learned, a perfect left Lucifer forth evil within himself, but since the corruption was complete, the well never exist within it. When I was a perfect creature, was capable of committing evil, but because it was contaminated, he would never be able to do good. Corruption would be complete, irreversible and total. Sin then become a moral necessity.
SECOND and most important, even Lucifer to repent, he would not be redeemed, for no sacrifice was made for their sins. Christ bore only the sins of men (elect) and not the Angels. "For in truth he did not bail out the angels, but the seed of Abraham.For it behooved him in all his brothers were likewise to be merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people "(Heb 2:16-17).
Without a propitiation available, the unruly behavior of Lucifer then became irrevocable and permanent. From that moment on, their passage through the universe would be in a straight line, straight into an eternity of shame and humiliation. For him, there would be a second chance.
Lucifer learned an important lesson: a creature can make a mess, never more can straighten things out "The law of unintended consequences would always be applied for all eternity. Only God can, if desired, contain or reverse the consequences of disobedience.
The primary attributes of God is His holiness. Lucifer, who wanted to be like God, in fact remain so far this attribute, as it might be.
We do not know how God is revealed to the angelic creatures, but Lucifer, I believe, ought to know God enough to know that He will never divide his glory with anyone.The more something Lucifer aspired to climb, the greater their failure.
Does he misjudged God, to think that the love of the Almighty empt any possibility of harsh judgment? We do not know, of course, but keep in mind that Lucifer knew just the perfect love of God. The concept of justice simply did not exist. Since there was no disobedience in the universe, there was no need for proof of divine wrath. Lucifer did not foresee how far God would go to preserve their honor.
Lucifer thought he knew God, but still had much to learn. If he had simply relied on could not understand and believe in what he could not know for himself, his future would have been diferente.Agora he knew more about God, WAS TOO LATE.
HE WAS LIMITED TO UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TIME AND ETERNIDADE.Lúcifer should know that no momentary excitement can make an eternity of Humiliation; be worshiped for a moment can not compensate for an eternity of contempt, no moment of excitement can make an eternity of torment . An hour in hell will that excitement to oppose God fades into eternal oblivion.
Here is a lesson for us. No decision can be considered good, if eternity proves that it is bad. Explaining, no decision in this life can be good unless it becomes excellent in eternity. Only a being who knows the future and the past can prescribe what is best for us. We judge based on time, but only God can reveal judgments based on eternity.
From that moment on, Lucifer only win small battles, but would be forced to lose the war. If only he had God taken more seriously, would not have underestimated the ability of the infallible Almighty to punish him. If the greatness of sin is determined according to the greatness of the being against whom it is committed, then Lucifer made a gigantic mistake.

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