Friday, 13 April 2012

BEAST supercomputer in Brussels ready to be deployed

 Asian source received confirmation that the bioweapon containing the nano-chip in the tip of the needle is, is ready, and part of the supercomputer system in central Europe. "

"Although this sounds like a science fiction movie, it is unfortunately a reality. In Belgium (Brussels) is the BEAST (Beast) - Biometric Encryption And Satellite Tracking, which is completely ready to use on the day that every soul of man will be forced to 'Mark of the Beast' to accept, to to be admitted to the New World Order. "
"I call the GM flu, now by means of a psychological operation where the greatest tyrants that ever lived jealous would be to the public be forced," The Lucifer Virus' (lit. strain = origin, nature), because these vaccines have a much kwaadaardigere side than most people can hold. "
"Ten years ago I wrote that the ideal of a genetically modified killing machine and modified vaccine would be forced to the world that would be administered under the pretext for them to" help ". Also, I suggested that the U.S. military would deliberately destroyed not only by our enemies but also by traitors in our own government, through the injection of a two bioweapon in our soldiers, with the second injection, the death would prove to be. "
"Through the media last week we heard the news that the German Army than any other vaccine is administered to the ordinary civilian population (a vaccine without adjuvants extremely harmful). I also received additional information in the U.S. private military forces, mercenaries, a safe vaccine "will get the vaccine other than that the ordinary people and soldiers in the army will be given. It contravenes the Geneva Convention to use people as guinea pigs. For this reason, many Nazi doctors sentenced to death. "
"The most dangerous period in history has arrived. Let these monsters you, your children, your future and your lives not just destroy. Do your homework. Read everything you can find about vaccines, become indignant, ask the right questions to all authorities. Then charges, write letters, get in radio and TV programs comes. Do something! Do everything you can do legally and morally, because otherwise you would ever permanently in a horizontal position may end up. "
Quayle prepared the readers of his website (over 90 million hits per year) last week for a "Red Screen" because he expects the U.S. government at some point alternative news sites like those of Quayle from the air will get. Barack Obama has himself now that power to give, and will very likely at the right time to make use of.
According to Quayle, this "right moment" heralded by example, the total financial collapse of the U.S., an "attack" with a nuclear weapon on an American city, an EMP attack affecting all electricity will permanently fail, a war in the Middle East, ora major natural disaster like a major earthquake in the Midwest or a tsunami in one of America's coasts. He urges everyone to be prepared to survive, because it expects one or more of these disasters within a few months will unfold.
This warning is in my opinion, both serious and sober examination. It is clear that 'something' to happen, but how, where and when, there is currently only based on evidence and speculated about developments. The said period of "months" to what-me-about a year strikes me as very realistic. Well I think that such a catastrophic event for the majority of people anyway will come unexpectedly, and therefore it can not hurt to note that now all come to love

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