Christian poems

Poem : There Was A Time

A time in a season, an epoch in history,
foot prints on mash soil.
The air rose, the sea wave dances the unusual,
and then came the ever scorching sun.
A flip in life one will never wish to see,
a time man will run from with all at his disposal.
Imagine yourself in such a situation.
At time the body cries for its rest,
the soul for its liberation.
But this MAN stood over 2000 years and hoped.
Is this love or hate?
Death was definitely sure
and you called it a sacrifice for love?
Some say love is blind, what do you think?
Yet no!! Love sees.
Just that sacrifices are made;
the waves, the scorching sun,
the hurricanes, the disliked – might all be faced.
And the body must let go,
the spirit must yearn for
and the self thrown aside.
Surly, the world is blind, not love.
For this is love, JESUS died for you and me; there was a time…
Now is our time to carry on; a time to love, a time to share
A time to bless, a time to treat oneself as though less important,
Then see this; a time of peace and tranquility!!
- – - written by Abi Israel Oheji


Poem : CHRISTmas Time

CHRISTmas Time
CHRISTmas Time
Are we ready for a rhyme?
Brisk chills in the air
Friends and family together
The caring
All of God’s precious gifts
With each other to give a lift
Keep the momentum all year long
Stay strong
In your commitments
So the years gone by have no resentment
Cling to the thought of the Cradle
In the Crèche in the Stable
The thought of A Newborn
Later to be scorned
Giving us a reason
To share the season
With Love in our hearts
For all now let’s start
Our Lord and Savior
Born in a Manger
For our renewal
His teachings are cool
Our lives are enriched with His Presence
Share the gift of self-giving as a present
For He gave us so much
We all need, in the same way to reach out and touch
The world’s children
The world’s people
Inside and outside of the Steeple
God Bless This Holy Holiday Season
The Season with a Reason
Is Jesus!
Respond positively to The CHRISTmas Call
For it is Our God Who truly Loves Us All

Poem : Jesus Calls You

Jesus Calls You
Don’t be foolish or slow of heart, I will not pass you by.
Sit with Me.
I am your healer, the restorer of your soul, and the One who forgives.
Turn to Me.
I will lead you to still waters and quiet resting places.
Walk with Me.
I wait for you with outstretched arms to assure you of My love.
Run to Me.
Let My words be as a flame of love that burns deep within you.
Sup with Me.
Why are you troubled and why do doubts arise so easily?
Look to Me.
I am your song, I want to fill your heart with My praises.
Delight in Me.
What I have told you, I am faithful to fulfill.
Rest in Me.
Let Me open your understanding so you can know all I have done for you.
Learn of Me.
I am glorified and have sent you the promise of My Father.
Drink of Me.
I will be your source of joy and fruitfulness. You will never be empty.
Abide in Me.
I speak to you the promises that come from My Father’s heart.
Trust in Me.
I place My hands over you and pour out my richest blessings upon you.
Receive from Me.

Poem : Thy Name

Jesus Name
It makes the wounded spirit whole,
And calms the troubled breast;
‘Tis manna to the hungry soul,
And to the weary rest.
Dear Name! the Rock on which I build
My Shield and Hiding-place;
My never-failing Treasury fill’d
With boundless stores of grace.
By Thee my prayers acceptance gain,
Although with sin defiled;
Satan accuses me in vain,
And I am own’d a child.
Jesus! my Shepherd, Husband, Friend,
My Prophet, Priest, and King;
My Lord, my Life, my Way, my End,
Accept the praise I bring.
Weak is the effort of my heart,
And cold my warmest thought;
But when I see Thee as Thou art,
I’ll praise Thee as I ought.
Till then I would Thy love proclaim
With every fleeting breath;
And may the music of Thy Name
Refresh my soul in death!

Jesus : God’s Beloved Son

God's Beloved Son
Had God’s approval before His earthly life had begun
Jesus came to set the standard by which we are to live,
And to do this, His own life, he freely did give.
Jesus pleased His Father in all that He did,
That man – from sin – could be rid.
As a lad of twelve he was about his Father’s business,
And all through His physical life manifest faithfulness.’
God was well pleased as Christ in life grew,
Fulfilling all the Father sent Him to do;
Progressing in stature and wisdom well,
Giving to man exactly what God had for Him to tell.
Jesus grew in favor with God and benefited man,
For he opened the door to the Heavenly land.
We need to grow with Jesus every day,
For He is the only one, that to God, knows the way;
That we may receive entrance into God’s mansion above,
And continue throughout eternity in God’s unending love.
You will love with a perfect love.
You will worship with a radiant face.
You’ll hear each word God speaks.
Your heart will be pure,
Your words will be like jewels,
Your thoughts will be like treasures.
You will be just like JESUS.

Poem : Lean On Him

Lean on Him
Sometimes, in all our lives,
We have a cross to bear.
We think we’re on our own
And long for someone to care.
We forget that God is watching,
Waiting to guide us through.
He understands how we feel,
Is sharing our sorrows, too.
Only He can see in the future,
Knows what plans are in store,
And (with His grace and power)
He opens a brand new door.
Lean on Him to guide you.
For, He is holding the key
Solving all of life’s problems,
In order that we can be free.
- – - written by Marian Jones

Poem : The Right Track

The Right Track
Lord I know you’re near to me
I know there’s nothing You can’t see
Help me to be all that You want me to be
Touch my mind, body and soul, set them free
You pick me up when I’m down
Even when it’s my sorrows I want to drown
You love me still in spite of myself
Mostly when I feel I have nothing left
You bless me over and over again
Now I wonder why I ever ran
Your love for me runs deeper than the days run long
It’s no wonder my love for You has grown strong
You have my back when it’s heart that I lack
With You by my side, now I’m on the right track.
It took me a lifetime to get this far
No one but You can see all the scars
I long for the day that they’ll all be healed
But right now it’s each and every one that I feel
The sad thing is: I could have avoided the fall
If I had only given You my all and all
You’ve never tried to force Your love on me
It was always there whenever I was in need
I’ll never find a love more special than Yours
I guess that’s why I kept opening doors trying to find a love that was true
Hmmm, maybe I’ll snap my fingers and it’ll appear out of the blue
I’ve already tried that fairy tale
That one is setup so you can only fail
Everything I need or want, I’ve found in You
The peace that I have is the absolute proof.